Throwback Tuesday – Jersey Edition

It sounds like the NHL might be introducing fourth jerseys for the upcoming season, whenever that is. Teams playing in the outdoor games always get a special jersey, but this would be a true fourth jersey for every team in the league. The theme is “reverse retro,” which is essentially a remix of a throwback jersey. Icethetics has what appears to be some first glimpses of the concept.

There have been some other ideas floating around that you can see here, but nothing addressing the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Ducks. I don’t particularly care for the Ducks current jerseys. On paper everything checks out: my favorite hockey team, my favorite color. OK I guess that’s it, but still. The reality is they are some of the worst most boring jerseys in the league. In contrast, their originals are some of the best. You simply can’t beat this logo either.

I’d be perfectly fine with going back to those beauts permanently. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking throwbacks. We’re talking alternate jerseys. Naturally, they need to play off of the old Wild Wing third jerseys.

Completely absurd. I’m obsessed. Now, if they actually took this design, based on the other concepts I’ve seen, they’d basically just flip it and make it white, maybe purple. I say just really lean into it and make them orange. Luckily for me, icethetics had this completely unrelated concept from my birthday last year.

Just as absurd. Probably more so. Orange. Gold. A masked duck jumping out of the ice. Honey, I know what I want for Christmas.

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