Private Movie Showings

I’m not necessarily in any rush for things to get back to “normal” because I’m always looking for new ways to judge people. So I’m riding pretty high right now. One of the few things in life that I do enjoy however, is watching the occasional motion picture. Even in the best of times, I typically just do this from the comfort of my own home. But once in a blue moon, I pack up la familia and we head to the local theater.

It pretty much takes a blockbuster for this to happen. Basically a Marvel movie at this point, but it happens. Or at least it did. Studios pushed back release dates. Theaters shut down for a spell. Some just closed up shop. Not great. But luckily AMC has just the solution for me.

You can reserve an AMC Safe & Clean (fancy) auditorium for you and 19 of your closest acquaintances for the low low cost of $99 (+tax). If I just ballpark it here, that’s about $5 a person. Or in my case, between $25-$99. Looks pretty simple. Pick the movie, date and time, the theater (mine’s included), and wait for a representative to contact you within 3 business days. Next thing you know you’re in the lap of luxury at your closest AMC Theater enjoying one of 16 select movies.

All joking aside, I’m currently planning on how to get out of work on Halloween. Calling in sick or more extreme measures are all on the table. I guess I could just ask off, too. However it happens, I plan on seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas at a reasonable hour on October, 31. The first 16 people that respond can join me.

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