I Love The Boys

No I’m not talking about large child and younger child. We’re more of acquaintances. I’m talking about the Amazon television progrum The Boys. Murder. Intrigue. Superheroes. Intrigue. It has it all.

I am a fan of the Superhero genre. I own several Marvel movies. The Boys would be a natural fit into my viewing schedule, but I didn’t start watching it right away because reasons. Hand up. That was my bad.

If you know nothing about The Boys, it’s not your traditional superhero affair. At first blush everything might seem par for the course, but it doesn’t take too long to figure out that things are a little bit different here. Marvel and DC have tried to show, with varying success, what it would actually be like if super humans existed in the real world. Now imagine that they didn’t give a fuck. That’s The Boys.

The show has been flooded with 1-star reviews on Amazon by people who are upset they didn’t release Season 2 all at once. Don’t be fooled by that. The show is rated TV-MA. That is accurate. It is definitely MA. This show ain’t for the kiddos.

Beyond saying this show is excellent, I’m not going to get into plotlines and themes and write a review. I don’t have that kind of time. Or desire. Or ability. What I will say is that this might be my favorite show on Planet Earth right now. 10/10. Would watch again. I highly recommend. In conclusion, I love The Boys.

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