Jamar Fletcher – The GOAT

Mike Lucas over at UWBadgers.com caught up with former Badger cornerback Jamar Israel (formerly Jamar Fletcher). It is part of the much bigger “Dream Season” project that they have going on over there, which is nostalgia overload for any Badger fan. In a good way. But I don’t care about that. I care about #2.

Jamar Fletcher is easily my favorite Badger of all time. (I will refer to him as Israel from here on out, but I had to get my childhood memories out there). I was fortunate enough as a child to not know a terrible Badger football team. My first real memories of the Cardinal and White were from the 1993 Rose Bowl season early in the Barry Alvarez era. They’ve only had a losing record one time since then. There have been so many amazing players that have come through Madison. For me, Israel stands above them all.

Israel shares the Wisconsin career interception record with one Jim Leonhard at 21, despite playing fewer seasons. He also owns the Big Ten record with five interceptions returned for touchdown. He was a two-time First Team All American, and the 2000 Jim Thorpe Award winner. 1998-2000 doesn’t seem that long ago until you go looking for highlights of an underappreciated guy like Israel. But I present to you, my favorite Badger.

The play that made him famous.

Barry Alvarez on Jamar. (I particularly like this one because my father-in-law was not a fan of Plaxico Burress)

And the highlights. GOAT.

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