Innovative Performers Reshape Society

*Links may be NSFW, click at your own peril.

This story came across my timeline on the website

Clearly it was trying to entice me with such provocative subject matter. Fortunately I am an adult, and can’t be swayed by tales of the flesh. However I am also a man of letters. So rest assured that I’ve dug in and done the research so you don’t have to.

A group of strippers from Jumbo’s Clown Room in East Hollywood found themselves in a unique position during the pandemic. No not that one. Apparently with the virus spreading, people weren’t visiting their establishment anymore. Obviously that directly impacted their livelihood. I, like many of you I’m sure, can’t relate. My life wasn’t affected whatsoever. But unique problems require unique solutions.

They realized their bosses weren’t going to save them (even though later on in the article we find out that Jumbo’s is much more supportive that other clubs), so they had to get proactive. They began to use a computer/Internet tool called Zoom. From what I could gather, it is a video apparatus that allows an individual to seamlessly conference with other people from great distances. (Now that I think about it, that could be very useful in the worlds of business and education. I should run that one up the pole. Hahaha, pole.)

Admission is charged ahead of time to gain access to the Zoom Zoom Room. The strippers (their word, not mine) utilize different themes in their shows, such as Star Wars (Season2 of The Mandalorian is out at the end of this month), and then use mobile financial apps such as Venmo and Cash App to receive tips. Pretty innovative stuff here.

There are seemingly legitimate benefits to operating in this fashion; more individual control, less harassment, etc. They have been working with some charities and have made pretty sizable donations. It sounds like they feel more empowered overall. Genuinely cool stuff. But also…

Coco Ono is a performance, burlesque and installation artist who has performed at the nonprofit arts space Human Resources Los Angeles, REDCAT and Art Basel Miami Beach. Her work often explores societal taboos, food fetish and her Korean heritage.

Los Angeles Times

Yeah neat. I’m sure the dudes are there for an analysis on society and not good old fashioned T&A.

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