Mike Rowe – The Voice That Launched a Thousand Jobs

Mike Rowe is the most successful Eagle Scout in the history of scouting. I mean yeah sure, there are Presidents and astronauts and Walmart founders that are alumni. But the only person that really comes close to the Discovery Channel king is Olympic Gold Medalist bobsledder, Steven Holcomb.

With streaming being so prevalent now, I don’t know how big a part of the American lexicon Mike Rowe is anymore. But there was a time where he was everywhere. It was realistically like two or three shows, but everyone knew the name Mike Rowe. Or at least the “Dirty Jobs guy.”

Now me? I’m more of a Deadliest Catch kind of guy. How they made catching crab interesting for 15 years is beyond me, but I could listen to that man narrate my life. And that’s pretty boring.

Even though I prefer Dutch Harbor Mike Rowe, for all intents and purposes he got his start with the aforementioned Dirty Jobs. Not only did this man turn digging through garbage and shit into a career, he turned it into this.

132 credits as “Self.” My god man. If you want to really blow your skirt up sometime, go check out his personal credits at mikerowe.com. I’d like to see Gerald Ford do that.

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