False Advertising

It wasn’t too long ago that I went on a little trip. While on that trip, I stayed in a hotel. It was the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Amenities on amenities. Great restaurant. Hand sanitizer all over the place. I have no complaints. Oh wait yes I do.

The hotel was nice. The food was fantastic. I’d absolutely stay there again. My problem is with the website. I have never, not one time in my life, come across a hotel that was even remotely close to what was sold to me online. Like, it’s not even close. At some point you have to realize the game that’s going on. That’s on me.

No. No. That’s on them. Pure unadulterated bull shit. But it got me thinking. What are some other things that are presented as one thing, but in reality are something else? False advertising if you will. Food/menu items was too obvious, but here are a few things I came up with.

Movie Trailers – Similar to hotels, movies can be good, they can be bad. But trailers pretty much universally oversell the movie. Sure that’s the point, but obviously I don’t care. I’m writing about it right now.

Work-Life BalanceIt doesn’t exist. Next question.

Wisconsin Sports Teams – Pro. College. Makes no difference. Over promise. Under deliver. That’s the Wisconsin way.

Alright, let’s stop this charade. I racked my brain for multiple minutes trying to think of things for this list. I didn’t come up with much. I’m fairly confident that it’s not because most things are right and just in the world. It’s because nothing is as full of shit as a website for a hotel.

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