Brewers 2020 Season Recap

The condensed 2020 MLB season came to an end on Sunday. The Brewers ended with another dud, losing 2-5 to the Cardinals, which capped off a 5-5 stretch to finish the season. Which is about perfect because their final record was 29-31, which was good enough for, *checks notes*, fourth in the NL Central. Otherwise known as second to last.

Based largely on things I saw from PitchingNinja, some of the Brewers pitching staff did a few notable things. Nothing amazing (I don’t really know this, but it sounds right), but worthy of some GIFs on

My main man Dan Vogelbach had a nice run with the Crew, and Keston Huira ended up in the top 25 for homeruns (not sure how impressive that actually is), but Christian Yelich, yikes.

Apparently he couldn’t quite get the concept of “eye on ball.” I’m shocked he ended up with an average over .200 (.205), but he was 90 points below his career numbers and about 120 below what he’s done so far in Milwaukee. He had more strikeouts than games played (76 in 58 games), the first time he’s done that since he was a rookie. He did somehow manage to hit 12 dingers, but overall just a tough season for one of the best players in the game.

Not to make any excuses because there were plenty of teams and players that figured it out. Plus they make a lot of money to do so. But facts are facts and this season was always going to be weird, and we just never seemed to get on track. It was a tough year, but you have to think this can get turned around. On to next year.

Wait, what’s that? The Phillies and Giants were slightly worse and the Brewers in fact made the playoffs for the third year in a row?


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