Packers Thoughts and Feelings – Week 3

Good news everyone, I got to watch this game too so you can get all of my great insights. The bad news: the Packers only scored 37 points so it all comes tumbling down now. Just kidding. My thoughts. And Feelings.

The Packers got a nice win on the road against a tough Saints team. We were fortunate on some penalty calls (yeah I say we, fight me), but overall I didn’t think WE played that great. Rodgers put up another solid stat line (21/32, 283 yds., 3 TD, 124.9 rtg.) but there were good chunks where he was just off. The defense… this says about everything you need to know.

Hot garbage at its finest. There’s definitely bend but don’t break feel to the defense, but I could live with a little more sturdiness perhaps. If they let Jaire roll out in his pregame warmups, they’d be pitching shut outs.

37 points on the board and I still feel like the offense wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders. But 37 points. Allen Lazard got off to a hot start and had his biggest game of his young career*. He still has too many drops (reminds me of Davante in year one) and he runs like large child. Full speed, completely out of control, and is liable to fall at a moment’s notice. But dammit if they aren’t gonna score some points.

Which brings me to the man, the myth, the machine. The touchdown machine, Aaron Jones. This is how I feel every time he crosses the goal line.

All in all I feel good right now. Our defense makes some big plays but is trashola and is going to cost us at some point. But not tonight baby!!!! On to Monday Night and the Falcons at Lambeau. They won’t even have the chance to blow a fourth quarter lead next week.

*I did not fact check this and neither should you.

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