Packers Thoughts and Feelings – Week 2

I wanted to write a recap of the game, but I don’t understand the Xs and Os on any sort of meaningful level and I could name more players on the 1996 Packers than the ones that played today. But being wildly uneducated never stopped me before. I can’t do a traditional write-up, so I’m going to dig down deep and share my feelings. No there isn’t a Week 1 recap that you missed, and I might not do another one because I usually work Sundays, but it’s sharing time.

For most of the first half I was listening to the game in the car so I couldn’t really break down the tape. But it sounded pretty miserable. The Lions offense was unstoppable, and the Packers O just couldn’t quite do enough to hang. For a little while there I thought I was gonna have to turn it off, but I’m an adult and have faith in my team. It was 14-10 Lions when we got home, so there was some positivity in the air.

That’s when Operation Demoralization kicked in. Including Aaron Jones’ first touchdown that made it 14-10, the Packers scored 31 straight points, including a 75 yard touchdown run for Jones and a pick six by the defense. Aaron Rodgers had another excellent day, and Jones added a third touchdown and over 200 yards of total offense.

To me the offense just drained the life out of the Lions today. Coming out at half and busting off the easiest 75 yard touchdown run these eyes ever did see was soul crushing. The amazing thing about it all was how easy it looked. Rodgers had a good game, but it wasn’t like he put the team on his back like so many times in the past. They just went out there and did their jobs. A trap run here. A little pitch and catch there. And boom, you have 42 points.

I think the offense putting on a clinic helped the defense, because like I said, they drained the life out of that team. Having said that, the D did seem to show up in the second half and make some big plays. Rashan Gary showed why he was drafted in the first round (Jordan Love did not) and the Smith Brothers did their thing. I have zero confidence in the defense moving forward, but I’m willing to be wrong.

Today was a fun game to watch. It brought me actual joy. It was weird. Certainly wasn’t perfect by any means, but this team appears to be far from the decline that was predicted by many after the beat down in the NFC Championship game a year ago. I am optimistic for big things this season. I am ready to be hurt again.

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