Let Me Set the Mood Right

It’s Friday night. The kids are in bed. The weekend is here. You and your significant other want to relax and enjoy some alone time. How do you properly set the mood, though?

You gotta start with the basics. Slip into something comfortable. Don’t overcomplicate things. Me? I just go with shorts and t-shirt. Sweats if it’s cooler. Do whatever works.

If it’s your kind of thing, put on a song or background music. You might want to go with something like this.

I’m a big JT guy, but going this route isn’t my personal style. I like to keep my focus where it’s needed.

Again, personal preference here, but you might to grab some kind of dessert. A treat, a snack, whatever the occasion calls for. I’m an ice cream kind of guy myself.

Then all you have to do is get comfortable, throw something on the TV and dim the lights. That last part is critical, cause then you can throw these bad boys on to complete the experience.

Seriously though, they will change your TV watching experience immensely. Obviously adding some kind of audio to your setup is important: a sub, some rear speakers, a soundbar at least. But honestly I was shocked how much having a simple smart light strip on the back of my TV would literally change my viewing experience. I can’t recommend it enough. Excuse the awful picture, but look at this majesty.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, so umm, get comfortable, turn on the NHL playoffs, and fall asleep anytime after the first overtime.


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