Anger Management – Why do my favorite sports teams hate me?

So your favorite sports team sucks, huh? Maybe they’re not that bad, but if you’re like me, anything other than winning at all times and lifting a trophy at the end of the season is an abject failure. That’s probably a spoiled fan’s take, but I don’t care. That’s how I feel. And this is my blog, so HA!!!

Despite being spoiled, these failures have plagued my life on a consistent basis. And when that happens, I remain calm and have a measured response. Just kidding. I get irrationally angry. It’s not limited to sports. It used to crop up once in awhile back in the day when I was more into gaming.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I was an all-time great at ESPN NHL Hockey. And before pretty much every hockey game in high school, we’d head to my house and play a few games before we went back to the rink for the real thing. Obviously I mopped the floor with my friends unfortunate enough to not be on my team (you know it’s true). Every once in awhile we’d get scored on though, and as unrealistic as it seems, occasionally lose a game. That’s when the controller met the floor with great force. Did you know a controller can bounce at least 7 feet in the air? I’ve broken more controllers than I can count, and I’m pretty good at counting.

All of that is to say I can get pretty emotional. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t know that I’ve relaxed (I probably have to an extent), but I’ve learned to manage it like an adult less like a child. I did kick my sandals against a wall during the Packers-Seahawks replacement refs game and throw my phone across the room when the refs boned Wisconsin in 2015, but those were the correct responses.

I would argue the Brewers and Bucks being bottom feeders for years and the Packers going 4-12 are much easier pills to swallow than what has been going on the last few years. You know they’re terrible, they then are terrible, and life moves on. Problems arise when you give me hope. I suppose I’m fortunate enough to have teams that give me hope (except the Ducks), but that’s all they give me.

The Packers have had two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and have two Super Bowls to show for it. The Brewers have been on a run the last couple of years and went all-in once twice and have zero World Series appearances. The Badgers rose to prominence under Barry Alvarez, and have done just enough to make you think they might actually challenge for a National Championship, but then oh wait, no they’re the Badgers. I already touched on the basketball team earlier, and the Bucks?

So how do I cope with it? Easy. I just turn it off. Oh it’s the first drive of the game and the Bears scored with plenty of time left for the Packers to win? Turn it off. The Badgers threw the ball instead of letting Jonathan Taylor rush for 300 yards and 5 TDs? Turn it off. This is the mature way to handle things. Now I’m not a complete maniac. I have to know what’s going on, so I just incessantly check the score and follow the play-by-play on my phone. And when things start to turn my way, the game is back on like I never left. I’m in it to win it. If you follow these simple steps, you can be an adult just like me.

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