Back to School

After what felt like an eternity, the children returned to school today. We have completely new procedures to follow during these uncertain times, including large child and younger child having different actual school days. We’ll have a lot of challenges to navigate as we move forward, but luckily today they both had class in school and could start off the new year together.

Backpacks were full with new school supplies. They got to bring water bottles to class. Had to make sure they had their masks (that was a new one). Fresh new Nikes on their feet. #swag. We took them to school, got them into the right lines on the playground, socially distanced, and watched them start off the 2020 school year. They’re out of the house, and I’ve got some free time. Finally. But honestly it was bittersweet.

The Mrs. and I work weird schedules. It’s not that we’re never around or never see each other and the kids. But if it’s the weekend or a weeknight, one of us is probably working. All of that changed over the last several months with safer-at-home orders, furloughs, and hours changing at good old Best Buy. Plus, as I alluded to earlier, the kids didn’t have school or sports happening, so they were just at home.

My kids never shut the hell up. They have no off switch. Did I mention they were always around? It’s awful. But it’s also part of what makes them great. And now they were at home. And so were we. It was pretty awesome. We got to build a pergola so we could play wiffle ball in the backyard. We played our own baseball games. I got to have conversations I never would’ve had before. I learned so much about Kingdom Wars. I could listen to younger child explain anything to me.

So even though I’ve been looking forward to having a day to myself for quite awhile, I can’t help but wish those dudes were here right now. I know they’re having fun seeing their friends again, probably making new ones too. But I kind of miss them. Oh well. I guess I’ll just fly this drone around the house and catch up on my stories.

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