Is it cheating in hide-and-seek if a hider tells the seeker where other hiders are?

According to the youngest child, yes, yes it is. Just a second, going through the rulebook here quick…yep, checks out. That’s cheating.

I’d say there’s a good chance that right now in this moment, you think we were playing hide-and-seek. We were not. Now you’re probably wondering how this came up in conversation. I certainly was when he asked me that question sometime after bedtime last night.

Turns out, back in 4k, some kids were pulling some shit and not playing with honor and integrity. It wasn’t clear if the youngest child was involved. It’s certainly possible, but some other kids definitely were.

I found out about the sweetest hiding spots, too. So if you’re ever looking for me on the playground at the Nature Academy, I will not be lying down by some logs, so don’t even bother. Also, hide-and-seek and tag are two different games. Please don’t tag me if you do happen to find me. I appreciate it.

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