History’s Greatest Sports Video Game

I’m not what one would consider to be a “gamer,” but I’ve played a fair share of video games in my day. I was raised on Nintendo, put many hours into Halo, and shotgunned off a few dozen faces in Gears of War. Shockingly however, I was always more into sports video games. How many National Championships can I win? A lot as it would turn out, but I still loved it. NCAA Football, Madden, NBA Ballers, ESPN NHL Hockey (you’ll never convince me I wasn’t in the top 1% of the elite for this game); you name it, I wanted to play it. Which brings me to the single greatest sports video game (maybe game period) of all time.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. I never played any other DOA game, and quite honestly I’m not even sure how we acquired this one. It’s irrelevant though, cause once you hit those white sands, none of that matters.

The premise of the game was some dude won a bunch of money and bought an island. Naturally the first move was to invite a bunch of women to have a volleyball tournament or something. Obviously there was volleyball (makes sense), but there were also mini games where you could win money and buy some swag. The soundtrack was sick too (I actually only remember one Christina Aguilera song).

Those side missions were fun enough; gambling in the casino, hopping across some buoy things in the pool, and there might’ve been jet skiing, but don’t quote me on that one. You then took your winnings to the shop and bought things like new swimsuits.

As you can see, not really that interesting. Plus who would really wanna see someone play volleyball in that thing? Not this guy. Fortunately the gameplay was much more realistic and is what made this game stick out from the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters of the world. Quite honestly, it was hard to find quality footage of an older game like this, but here’s a good snippet.

Magnificent. As far as the volleyball, the gameplay was simple but very effective. Literally you pushed two buttons: block and spike. They also incorporated advanced “jiggle physics,” which not only furthered the realism, but also really helped you focus on the game.

Now when it came to game time, Tina was my champion. A true American hero ready to take on the world.

Tina – a true American hero

And this is Christie. I needed to end her. Bump. Set. Shotgun her face off. Spike her into oblivion.

Christie – nemesis

Here are some other characters.

Easily the best sports game ever invented. I’m not a game critic, so I find it difficult to truly put into words how great it was, so here’s a trailer where you can get a better idea.

Wow. Volleyball guys. Am I right?

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