I’m Good, Honey

Sometimes you love a song. Sometimes you love an artist. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive though. Your favorite artist might make a terrible song. You might hear a tune on the radio and couldn’t care less who sings it. So I wanted to get the message out to Google Play Music, YouTube Music (shitty by the way), Spotify, whoever.

Just because I listen to “Honey, I’m Good” on repeat for an hour straight doesn’t mean I have any interest in Andy Grammer. I get it. That might be confusing, cause “hey, you listened to this song a shit ton of times.” But it’s like what are all of these tech companies even tracking me for if they can’t perfectly curate a music playlist for me? What does life even mean?

This could apply to any number of songs or artists for me, but random Andy Grammer songs penetrating my eardrums is what prompted this blog. The aforementioned song has all of my love certainly, and I will stay true. But I didn’t like these other songs. In all honesty, I couldn’t have named one other song by Grammer. In fact, not only did I not know he was the man behind this song I loved so dearly, I didn’t even know who he was in the first place.

In fairness to Mr. Grammer, I obviously haven’t given him a fair shake. So I wanted to listen to a few of those songs that I didn’t know. Ahh, yeah, no. Still not a fan. But at least I still have my jam, so I’ll check out the music video.

Yikes. This video is from like five years ago, but it’s got some strong pandemic-level Zoom vibes going on. I don’t have to subject myself to watching that again. So I won’t. I’ll just keep streaming the song 100 more times today. Sorry Andy.

Editor’s Note: After I wrote this drivel, I realized this is just called a one-hit wonder. Pat on the back to myself for figuring that out.

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