High Fashion – Sports Edition

Ato Boldon 2000 Olympics

See those beauties up there? Oakley has officially brought those bad boys back into the world. Arguably the greatest piece of eye wear ever created, we are getting them back 20 years later in honor of the Olympics that aren’t happening this year. If you missed out on the OVERTHETOP back in the day (of course you did), they can now be yours for a mere $2000. Just kidding, they’re already sold out.

After my brain was reintroduced to the majesty of said glasses, I got a bit nostalgic. The sporting world, if for nothing else, is known for being at the absolute forefront of fashion in society, so I decided to take a look back at some of the best pieces from my youth.

Oakley makes the list right off the bat. Here we have the THUMP, their sunglasses with a built in MP3 player and ear buds. I think these were actually more popular from American rock legend Lil’ Jon, but this is about sports people. Absolute sick frames here, not bulky at all, and the precursor to all of the sunglasses you see today with built in headphones. Thank you for being you Manny.

The mirrored visor. This beaut comes in many different flavors, but I went with the complete unit Alexander Ovechkin, blowing bubbles at practice without a care in the world. 700+ goals later and Ovi is arguably the greatest goal scorer of all time, and a decade-and-a-half later that visor is inarguably the GOAT.

We’ll stick with some puck. Everybody loves some white Nikes, and here we have Sergei Fedorov rocking ’em out on the ice. Just a weapon, and that’s not even counting the sick mitts. Those Russians definitely have flair.

Let’s run it back to the track (Get it? And it rhymes.) Here’s one of the early versions of Nike’s Swift Suit, hood and all. If Marion Jones just kept this suit, she never would’ve needed to resort to more unsavory means of performance enhancement.

Next on the docket is the LZR Racer by Speedo. I don’t really care about how these look, this is just an all-time picture, and I feel like any swimsuit that gets banned from competition is worth mentioning.

Now we turn ahead the clock to the Mariners futuristic uniforms from the late 90’s. Other teams followed suit, and they even brought them back a couple of years ago, but no one rocked it quite like the greatest baseball player of all time (fight me), Ken Griffey Jr. There’s no question he hit a home run here.

Moon shoes are cool. So are the Kobe Two’s from adidas. These were actually the inspiration for the Tesla Cybertruck. Full disclosure: I owned these shoes. You’re welcome.

Nike makes the list again (it’s a coincidence, I swear). Miami and Virginia Tech were a couple of the schools that got sweet orange shoulders in 2005. I’m in love. But what I was really infatuated with was that undershirt. Here is an example of the proper way to put this combo together. I did many Google searches back in the day to try to get one of those shirts. I was not successful. Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat wondering how my life would’ve been different if only I could’ve procured a two-tone Nike undershirt. But alas, here we are.

Truly our wardrobes, and really society as a whole, have been blessed by these and countless other timeless designs. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the person that made these, and I hope to be continually influenced by these kinds of choices.

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