Game Recap – Athletics @ Giants

The Athletics faced off against the rival Giants today, and it was a game for the ages. Let’s break it down inning-by-inning.

1st Inning – The Athletics led off the game, but couldn’t get much started as the pitcher was just cooking. Three up. Three down. Thanks for coming. The Giants had a little more luck, pushing one across the plate. 1-0 Giants

2nd Inning – The A’s quickly found their bats and put up a quick five-spot, almost knocking the pitcher from the game. Not deterred by the early onslaught, the Giants responded with four runs of their own to tie it up. 5-5

3rd Inning – The pitcher settled back down and tossed a scoreless top half of the inning. The hot bats of the Giants were cooled down as well, but were able to bring in another run. 6-5 Giants

4th Inning – Not much to write home about here. Just some real magic coming from the bump. Scoreless inning. 6-5 Giants

5th Inning – The A’s continued their scoring woes with their third straight scoreless frame. The Giants got back to life and brought in a pair. 8-5 Giants

6th Inning – For fans that appreciate a defensive affair, avert your eyes. After getting coached up a bit, the Athletics absolutely exploded with extra base hit after extra base hit. Once 10 runs had scored, we decided we were going to have a run limit per inning. I should probably mention that this was a game played at an elementary school between my children. Larger child was a green team, and younger child was an orange team. I digress, as we move onto the bottom of the inning. Despite being down by seven after controlling most of the game, the orange team Giants remained resilient and scored three more runs. 15-11 Athletics

7th Inning – The solid hitting continued, but the teams came back down to earth a bit only plating three and two respectively. 18-13 Athletics

8th Inning – More damage here as the big sticks returned for the A’s. We were dangerously close to another run-rule inning, but dad the pitcher was able to end that with a timely K. Frustrated, but not ready to give up, the Giants continued to push. Seven runs from the young squad, and we head to the 9th. 27-20 Athletics

9th Inning – All gas no brakes from the closer. We have hockey tonight. No runs for the A’s. The Giants have a chance. Double here, triple there, singles everywhere. Five runs, runners on 2nd and 3rd, two outs. This is tense. (No really. I may or may not have helped get the game close at times, but I can’t actually let him win). All’s well that ends well though. Just gotta bring the heat. Final – 27-25 Athletics

Great game by the lads. Awesome hits, some nice defensive plays, a ton of runs, and no tears. Not quite what I was expecting after the 8-5 showing yesterday, but that’s why you play the game. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go Biofreeze my arm into oblivion.

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