Daily Routine of Highly Successful Internet Personality

Like most people, I’m sure you’ve wondered aloud, “How can I be more like Nick?” Believe it or not, it’s surprisingly easy. Here’s a breakdown of how today is shaping up for me.

5 am – wake up

5:30 am – binge old Hard Knocks episodes

8 am – breakfast [some egg and sausage croissant thing (delicious) and cream soda (also delicious)]

8:30 am – miscellaneous TV with family

9 am – more Hard Knocks

10 am – baseball with the children

11 am – professional ice hockey

11:30ish am – finish this blog

noonish – lunch

12:30 pm – Bucks

sometime after that – more hockey

sometime after that – mow and water the lawn

after that – clean the house

this evening – think about maybe working on a yard project

whenever the responsible member of this house gets home – din din

during that – more hockey

7:10 pm – Brewers

8 pm 8:25 pm – put children to bed

8:30 pm – Below Deck Med with the Mrs.

8:31 pm – pass out

And that’s how it’s done. It is important to note you should be on your phone and snacking for a considerable amount of time during this process. Thanks for reading and please consider contributing to my Patreon.

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