What my kids argued about today

The children that live in my house like to argue. About literally anything. Not sure where they get it from.

Today they had a Nerf battle, a pretty standard affair in this household. They fought about when it was OK to shoot at each other, what darts they each got to use, and how the game was going to end. Again, just a day in the life. That’s not why we’re here though.

Despite the fact that their father calmly reminded them that he was relaxing and for once was watching some television, this battle apparently needed to take place in the living room. This required forts. Forts required my pillows from the couch. Whatever, I’m an adult, I can live with it. The children, not so much. Cue today’s fun argument.

This had absolutely no bearing on their game, but all of a sudden it mattered how many pillows they each had. They weren’t trying to get more. They were just stating that, no, they in fact had more pillows than the other. Younger child proclaimed that he had literally 100 pillows. Older child had 1000. Oh, and they landed on the idea that they had to knock said pillows over with Nerf darts to win. And that is what my kids argued about today.

P.S. Younger child did not actually have 100 pillows, he had six. Older child had five.

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