So What Exactly Is It That My Wife Wants From Me?

My wife came up to me out of nowhere tonight and told me she loved me and appreciated everything I do for our family. The first red flag was the fact that this even happened. The second red flag was this was right as I was starting another fire in my backyard. I know with […]

Halloween Is Cool. Trick-Or-Treating Sucks.

The title says it all, but I’ll elaborate for you. Halloween is cool. I like it just fine. It’s not my favorite holiday (May Day), but it’s pretty sweet. For starters, if I don’t clean the cobwebs outside of my door, they just become decorations for like a month. Speaking of decorations: jack-o-lanterns. Those are […]

When Was the Last Day You Didn’t Do a Load of Laundry?

Mine was about 2+ months ago. I believe that my daughter being born 2+ months ago is a complete coincidence. But that’s a lot of laundry. Here’s what I’ve learned in my seemingly never-ending quest to keep my family’s wardrobe in tip-top shape: It never ends. These people… How many pairs of socks can you […]

Never a Doubt

What a ride. Holy shit. I’m on cloud nine right now. I can’t even talk about how god awful the refs were tonight. I can’t even talk about how miserable our defense was. OK I guess I can a little bit. The first half wasn’t even close. 17-0 but it felt like 50-0. Then the […]

Grading the Baby After One Month

I’ve been a father of three for about a month now. There were a lot of unknowns going into number three: What’s life going to be like with a third kid? Do I remember anything about babies? What vehicle are we going to buy? Daycare. When can I start buying hockey equipment? You know, the […]

R-E-L-A-X. Run the Table. It’s Just One Game.

I’m still not convinced this team is any good. But you showed me something today Green Bay!!! The man Aaron Rodgers was slinging it around tonight. He had that beautiful dime to Davante, but other than that a lot of picking his spots. Dinking and dunking. But he was firing that thing. Some skeptics thought […]

Most Prolific Football Players Ever

From about the end of August until about now, I’ve been on a pretty big football kick. Maybe it’s the weather? We’ll probably never figure out the answer, but I’ve watched a lot of football (the real reason I started a different job, I don’t care about my family). I’ve watched high school, college, NFL, […]

God of War: Ragnarok – Blatant Liberties Taken with New Look for Thor

Last weekend, character designs for the new God of War game were released. I’ve never owned a PlayStation and haven’t played a second of the series. So even though it all looks pretty interesting, I don’t know shit about the story or the mythology of the game. I’m assuming there is some fashion of warring […]

Holy Matrimony

I originally wrote this last year to make it easier for me to relive my wedding day. If people wanted to read it, who am I to prevent them that joy? So here I am, re-sharing this story, as I will continue to do until the end of time. Editor’s note: It is now just […]


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